• I learned to gain my happiness reducing my desires.
  • Mere learning is of no avail without actual practice. The learned man who does not practice is like a colorful flower without scent.
  • Do not cultivate any non virtuous action - cultivate only perfect virtuous action. Subdue your own mind: this is the teaching of Lord Buddha.
  • Science without religion is blind. Religion without science is lame.
  • Letting go of desire is gaining the real happiness and satisfaction in our daily life.
  • Why be unhappy about something. If it can be remedied, And what is the use of being unhappy about something, If it cannot be remedied.
  • My religious is Love and Compassion. H.H. 14th DHL
  • I have learned to seek my happiness by limiting my desires, rather than attempting to satisfy them.
  • Mere learning is of no avail without actual practice. The learned man who does not practice, is like a colorful flower without scent.
  • Do not cultivate any non virtuous action, cultivate only perfect virtuous action. Subdue your own mind: this is the teaching of Lord Buddha.

NBF History

It is well known fact that Nepal, sacred land of Lord Buddha who dedicated his entire life for liberate all sentient beings is a sanctified place of unfathomable faith and devotion. Not only for Nepalese but also for all those who advocate world peace and follow Buddha Dharma. Even though the sacred land of Nepal possesses the intrinsic quality that can illuminate and purify the heart of world Buddhists as well as peace loving community, and develop and promote it as an important pilgrimage site is getting behind schedule. In order to accomplish such august mission, religions activities should be promoted, and teachings, practices and meditations of Buddhist traditions should be initiated in a comprehensive manner. On the base of these activities more faithful mortals, practitioners and yogis will render visit making this sacred land an epitome of homage and tourism. Therefore a collective effort is imperative today to preserve the unique identity of Nepal and its people and to uphold the sacred image of this country in the world prospective.

With an intention to promote peace and happiness among all sentient beings and especially in Nepal and its people. It is also necessary to unite Buddhism community dedicated to thus mission in order to contribute for peace and to promote sacred Buddhist places including Lumbini, not only inside Nepal but also in the world arena.

Apart from that, it is also necessary to unite Buddhists living in different parts of Nepal, eradicate the defilements present in the society and promote loving kindness, compassion. Meritorious joy and equanimity among the mass, in order to build a new nation spreading awareness for timely and proportional participation and at the same time performing humanitarian and social services and making timely contribution to the development of the nation. Therefore, to accomplish this mission and to fulfill a demand of a purely service oriented social organization, an organization called Nepal Buddhist Federation has been established as per statute act 2006 which would not only collaborate and coordinate Buddhist followers of diverse race, ethnic groups and languages but also preserve, develop and consolidate the culture and rights of Buddha Dharma.   

Human civilization from the outset has been posited with a formidable problem of suffering. In the time line of history we can see the emergence of many such philosopher, teachers and spiritual leaders who have tried to find the panacea of this universal disease that has inflicted each and every sentient being on this earth. Most of them, indeed have preached various means to do away this problem, for the well being of the mankind.

2600 years ago the spiritual milieu of Nepal witnessed one of such remarkable event, which later proved to be one of the most fortunate incident in the history of mankind. The event that is being mentioned here is the birth of prince Siddhartha, who later became Buddha-the enlightened one. This man not only revolutionized the hazy way-the spirituality was perceived by this predecessors, but also blessed the entire mankind with the most effective and precise means to pursue liberation for oneself and others from the vicious disease called suffering thereby achieve lasting happiness. His teaching, known as Buddhism today in general has been one of the most scientific and reasonable answer to so many problems that has been posited by the modern man of this millennium.
From the very beginning till the date in spite of being prosecuted and attacked time and again by the intruders, Buddhism has never daunted from the path of peace and has adhered to the teaching of universal brotherhood taught by the Master.

Nepal, the fortunate land of that very Master, is not only marked by this birth alone, but have been blessed time and again by the descent of many other Buddha of the past. The history might or might not have been able to record thereof. Moreover, the spiritual ambience of this pious land had attracted numerous adepts in the past, is still welcoming the rarest of the authentic Buddhist masters at present, and will undoubtly keep on becoming the center of energy for practitioners to thrive here, in the future.
It’s well known by now that this land of the blessed ones has been the hub of faith. The pilgrimage site for a spiritual ablution, not only for Nepalese, but also for the Buddhist and ardent believer of peace from around the world who believe that “peace indeed should be unconditional.”
But in spite of the facts that has been mentioned, due to mishaps that has happened intermittently in the history of Nepal, nothing substantial could yet have been done to develop Nepal as the most important Buddhist pilgrimage site in the world. Activities like dissemination of the precious teaching of the Buddha; establishment of centers for teachings, discourses and meditation; renovation and protection of the historical Buddhist sites and monuments like old monasteries, building of new monasteries for monks and nuns, and so forth should be a usual event to bring about the desired result. So in this task of establishing our country as one of the most prominent Buddhist pilgrimage site and a land of universal peace, a communal endeavor is indispensable.
Realizing the exigency of a body that would take into account all such tasks and would do its best to materialize them in due course. We the members of Nepal Buddhist Federation have established this organization with the blessings of all our compassionate teachers, the aspirations of the members and the support and good wishes of our well wishers like you all from all around the world. It is only by the support, good wishes and encouragement of friends and well-wishers like you that such tasks can be brought to an accomplishment and not otherwise.

It’s an undeniable fact that without the preservation of the historical monuments, artifacts, teachings and the traditions that keep the practice of any spiritual path in an unadulterated manner.  The existence of such path would be almost impossible. Therefore the Federation have as one of its main objectives, the tasks that incorporate the preservation of those historical sites, monuments, and artifacts that have immense spiritual as well as historical importance in the Buddhist paradigm. To site an example; it is needless to mention that Lumbini is the epicenter of spiritual and historical importance for the entire Buddhist community of the world. So, the Buddhist monuments, monasteries, and Buddhist temples that has been identified and established till the date would be of immense importance for the preservation of the Buddhism. Therefore NBF will be actively involved in mobilizing the concerned authorities towards preservation and renovation of such sites. Moreover, the Federation will encourage and facilitate the scholars, and concerned experts to explore and uncover the sites of Buddhist importance that have yet to be discovered.

The living tradition that keeps the philosophical teachings of the master of every spiritual tradition is deemed responsible to keep it alive. Realizing this fact NBF aims at taking essential steps in advising the government for prompt and effective implementation of concept of Lumbini University and also to motivating the central government and the concerned authorities to incorporate the profound and pragmatic teachings of Buddha in academic texts. Moreover, in the name of the Buddha, the apostle of peace, NBF will take initiatives the concept of establishing prestigious international peace award, to acknowledge the outstanding contributions made by carious scholars and institutions in these fields. NBF will take initiatives to foster universal brotherhood amongst the various international spiritual comminutes with all the realated international as well as national institutions in this respect. 
NBF will advise the concerned government authority for appropriate amendments in the acts.laws, and regulations for safe guarding the interest of the Buddhist community.

NBF will also initiate various programs to help alleviate the problems related with marginalized people and underprivileged children of various communities and ethnic groups.

In general the objective of this Federation is to do whatsoever possible in a wholesome way to uplift Buddhism.